Tapestry of multicultural women

Local Arrangements

Answers to recently asked questions:

Question: Will there be internet access in the dorms?

Answer: Yes

Question: What dress is appropriate for the workshop?

Answer: Casual dress is appropriate.

Question: Are there more details on registration?

Answer: Her are the instructions from the dormitory manager: Ask them to park, go to walker to get key and then unload stuff. If it is after 7pm, the doors will automatically lock, but there is a intercom in the entrance area (the outside door will let them in-it’s the second door that won’t). It has the directions on what number inside the area. The number to the office is 405-325-1277 in case they want to call on their cell phone. They will use their Adams/Johnson swipe card to gain entrance to Adams where they will reside. We will be set up at Adams by the Johnson elevators for the actual check in the next morning.

Participants will stay in a dormitory room in Adams Center at the University of Oklahoma. Each person will have a private room with a bathroom shared with one other person of the same gender. A towel, washcloth, and a single set of sheets will be provided. You will also get a campus parking pass.

People who arrive Tuesday, July 23 in the morning will be able to register and pick up their keys and parking passes at Adams Center. People who arrive Monday will check in at Walker Tower. People leaving Thursday afternoon will be able to check-out at Adams Center. People leaving Friday will check out at Walker Tower.

You will be able to drive your cars and park on campus, including using faculty and staff lots. If you get a parking ticket for parking in a reasonable spot, bring it to me and I'll have it taken care of. If you get a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot (if you don't have the sticker) or on the sidewalk or doing something silly I won't be able to help.

Meals will be eaten at the University Food Services. If you haven't been on a college campus in a while, adjust your expectations. University food is no longer the bunch of starch and grease that you remember from your college days. There are lots of options, including healthy food, vegetarian food, vegan food, Kosher food, Halal food, and gluten free food. It's real treat. Please let Deborah Trytten know about any food allergies that will require special accomodation as soon as possible.

There is no cost to the participants of either the dorm room or the food. Participants do have to pay for their travel to campus.

For those using navigation systems to travel around campus, here are the physical addresses of the residence buildings and classrooms.

Adams Center is 340 West First Street, Norman, Oklahoma.

Walker Towers is 1400 Asp Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma.

Devon Energy Hall is 110 W. Boyd Street, Norman, Oklahoma. The best place to park near Devon Energy Hall is around Sarkeys Energy Center (100 E. Boyd, Norman, Oklahoma).